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A very interesting number!


Variation of the Concentration game (also known as Memory) using various Unicode characters. Find all pairs of matching cards in limited time and number of turns.

You need to install the latest Java plugin to play this game.


Copy the HTML code below:

<object type="application/x-java-applet" width="700" height="480">
  <param name="codebase" value="">
  <param name="archive" value="charamega-1.jar">
  <param name="code" value="net.kryshen.charamega.Applet">
  <param name="permissions" value="sandbox">
  You need to install <a href="">the latest Java plugin</a>
  to play <a href="">Charamega</a>.

Source code


Charamega 0.1 — old version written in pre-release JavaFX Script.

License: GPL version 3 or later.
Card symbols are from DejaVu Sans font.