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Archived Games

Old games that are no longer developed. Java needs to be installed to play.
All of the games have single player and same-computer multiplayer modes.


BMTron is a multi-player "snake" game loosely based on the light cycle scene from the movie Tron. The goal is to trap your opponents. Avoid running into the wall or opponent's trail. Play with different types of AI players. Teamplay mode is available.

Play: dark theme, light theme

Source code

Serpentron is a remake of BMTron that works in modern web browsers.


Variation of the Concentration game (also known as Memory) using various Unicode characters. Find all pairs of matching cards in limited time and number of turns.


Source code: Repository (current version written in Mirah), Charamega 0.1 (old version written in pre-release JavaFX Script).

Graph Game

Implementation of the Shannon switching game.

A game for two players. The first player selects edges of the graph trying to connect two highlighted nodes while the second player removes unselected edges. AI is available.


Source code


Link all small bubbles together and turn them to your player's color.



(if keyboard doesn't work, click on the game)

First player movement: , , , .
Second player movement: w, a, s, d.
Third player movement: p, l, ;, '.
Fourth player movement: y, g, h, j.
Pause: Pause.
Menu toggle: Esc.
Menu item selection: , , Enter.

Source code

All games on this page are open-source and free software distributed under GPL version 3 or later.